The National Association of Independent Labor (NAIL) was first chartered in 1999 as an alternative to the affiliated unions.  The affiliated unions over the years appear to have lost sight of providing services to it's members and seem to be more interested in member agendas.  NAIL was first established with the goal of being a service oriented union.  The mission of NAIL is to provide service to it's Locals, a service which is unsurpassed and unparalleled to any other labor organization.  NAIL has a professional staff with expertise in federal sector labor relations.


NAIL's professional staff of representatives provides assistance to it's locals and members in all aspects of federal sector labor/management relations.  From the establishment of your local, the training of local officers and stewards, the negotiations of your collective bargaining agreement and day to day problem solving, NAIL services are provided.  Whether it be proceedings before the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the Merit Systems Protections Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Office of Worker's Compensation Programs, the Federal Service Impasses Panel or an arbitrator, NAIL will be there to provide service to it's member(s).  The services of NAIL representatives are included in your membership dues.  All members are assured of the services of a representative, at no charge, for any adverse action and other matters that go to arbitration or an administrative hearing concerning job related matters.


Each NAIL Local elects their own officers and establishes their own committees and stewards.  Under NAIL, each Local is as autonomous as it desires within the guidelines of the National's Constitution and Bylaws.

National Association of Independent Labor
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Last updated August 2, 2017
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